At Maha Berjaya, we agree with appreciating our loyal customers, and what better way to expose our  gratitude than by introducing our extraordinary Reward Card! Our Reward Card is designed to make your meat-purchasing enjoyment is even more satisfying and rewarding.

Introducing the Maha Berjaya Reward Card: Your Gateway to Meaty Rewards

Our Maha Berjaya Reward Card is your passport to the world of advantages every time you shop for top-class meats at our savings. Whether you’re a cooking fanatic, a foodie, or honestly a person who loves the flavor of top-notch meats, our Reward Card is here to enhance your journey with us.

How It Works: Earning and Redeeming Points

Earning points with the Maha Berjaya Reward Card is as clean as enjoying a scrumptious steak. For each buy you are making at our meat save, you’ll acquire Reward Points primarily based on the total quantity spent. The more you shop, the more significant points you earn, bringing you closer to excellent rewards. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, it’s time to attain the tasty rewards! You can redeem your gathered points for numerous attractive offers, consisting of:


1. Discounts on Meat Purchases:

Trade to your points for instant satisfaction whilst keeping your reductions in your favorite cuts of meat. Experience the pride of indulging in top-rate satisfaction whilst keeping your pockets satisfied.

2. Exclusive Product Offers:

Unlock your entry to extraordinary gives on chosen products, available best to our Reward Card participants, from marinated cuts to area-of-expertise sausages, that will increase your culinary creations.

3. Complimentary Items:

Exchange your points for complimentary gadgets even a few cooking equipment to enhance your culinary adventures.

Becoming a Maha Berjaya Reward Card Member

Becoming a member of the Maha Berjaya Reward Card is simple. Just go to our counter and ask one of our pleasant personnel for the reward card.  You will acquire your card instantly, and you may start earning points from your first purchase itself. 


Join Today and Reap the Rewards!

If you’re passionate about quality meat and great taste, the Maha Berjaya Reward Card is perfect for you. Enjoy premium cuts, earn points, and discover unique culinary benefits. Join today to unlock the world of savory foods. 

For inquiries, assistance, or to use your Reward Card, visit our shop or contact our customer service at 012-495 7860. 


Note: The Maha Berjaya Reward Card program phrases and situations observed. Points are non-transferable and have no coin value.